Busan Educational and Cultural Center for Students

I. Purpose of Establishment Busan Educational and Cultural Center for Students was founded by the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education on May 3, 2000 to support and encourage festive activities and art education for elementary and secondary schooling.

II. Objectives of Management Busan Educational and Cultural Center for Students is making its best endeavor

III. Mission 1. Supporting Schooling with Hands-on Activities

2. Operating Cultural Programs for Developing Students' Talents and Aptitude

3.Holding Festive and Cultural Events to Promote Healthy Cultures among Students

4. Developing Teachers' Professionalism

5. Managing the Art Center for the Gifted

IV. Information 1. Users

Status Activities
elementary and secondary Students extracurricular activities, cultural programs, festive events
teachers workshops, training courses, club activities
citizens lifelong programs

2. Opening Hours

3. Facilities

Facilities Capacity(persons) Activities
Auditorium 838 performances, lectures, movies
Gymnasium 1,408 games, performances
Multipurpose Hall 534 seminars, workshops, performances, games
Gallery 100 exhibitions
Counselor's Office 10 counselling
Music Room 56 music, movies
Seminar Room I, II 56 workshops, classes
Traditional Music Room 40 tradtional music classes
Folk Guitar Room 40 folk guitar classes
Ceramic Room I 36 ceramic classes
Ceramic Room II 30 ceramic classes with electric spinning wheels
Paper Art Room 36 paper art classes
Table tennis Room 16 table tennis classes, games
Billiards Room 16 billiards classes, games
Recreation Hall 100 dance-sports classes
Singing Room 36 practicing singing
Multimedia Room 32 retrieving and collecting information